‘World’s First Marijuana Gym’ Planned in California

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An advocate for athlete marijuana use is teaming up with a former pro football star to open what they’re calling the “World’s First Cannabis Gym” in California. (July 6)

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likeminas says:

smoking anything isn't good for your health. smoking lowers your oxygen intake which is detrimental for cardio or weight lifting.
now of they vaporize that's a different story.
still, I think you're better off not consuming any drugs.
natty is best.


"I'm so cool because I smoke weed hurr hurr hurr"

xlioilx says:

Fuck this the meth amphetamine gym is WAYYYY better they build space ships and muscle cars while scrubbing tile with toothbrushes.

Super Root says:

wtf!!! mj is get your hard beat much faster. your pressure is not normal + stamina? shitty idea for your hard.

Harry Krust says:

clean that bong friend.

TheAmericanJDM says:

Dude. Use Weed after a work-out. Not before loll


Decriminalization would significantly reduce the Mexican drug cartels (mex govt) money.

Tristin Heady says:

AP I don't know if you know it but a youtuber called "Tyler Morning Telegraph" uploaded the same exact video. I just don't want you guys to get your content stolen.

Patrick Gonzalez says:

What a ass hole he lost a career in the NFL just to smoke a joint.

Matt Payne says:

Commiefornia is at it again.

Hopalong Cassidy says:


420kushmaster says:

damn hippies

Goonwood says:

if you take one blow on the trees you'll get addicted for lyfe. marijuana makes you violent!

Unapologetic Dog says:

Yes, we should embrace addiction! Maybe make Crack and Meth legal as well!!

TheLegendaryLinx says:

Cannabis theater would be a freakin hit, imagine the concession stands

Mike Cimerian says:

THC is a neurotransmission facilitator. It raise the levels of acetylcholine in the brain. What is said about focus is true.

Kush Inn. says:


derty QWERTY says:

hahahah, go ricky go! Well said. Everyone thinks chong happens when they smoke, not true at all

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