What is CBD?

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Take a closer look at the benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) and how it is synthesized in the cannabis plant.

“I’m using very low THC (0.6%) and high CBD (14.5%) bid every night, just a bowl worth, or about 1/10th of a gram, and it seems to really help with my withdrawal from high THC. Does this seem like a possibility that the high CBD is reducing my irritability and anxiety? It’s helping with everything expect my sleep. I’ve heard that CBD can actually make you more alert and isn’t affective for sleep disorders?”

“Thank you very much for explaining CBD. Excellent video!!!~ As a patient who suffers from Nerve damage and inflammation of my shoulder, neck, and dicks in my back for over three years, I was referred to an excellent and very knowledgable Pain Surgeon who is licensed to prescribe Legal Medical Cannabis. After being assessed by him he said the only thing that would stop my pain was Cannabis which he prescribed for me. I have my Patients Card with my ID number which I need to carry in my wallet. I was sent three different strains of Cannabis and they all had different levels of THC and CBC. I was advised to take one strain which does not make me sleeping in the day time with a Vaporizer and one to take at bedtime. I have been put on so many pain killers but nothing worked until I tried the Cannabis. I was shocked & surprised to find it stopped my pain so quickly. I finally am pain free!!!~I was not aware that CBD had an anti-inflammatory in it and how it works to stop pain. I did not understand the difference of CBD and THC. Now I understand.”

How Does CBD Work?

The Medical Uses of CBD are Numerous

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