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Greg Foot explains the effect that cannabis has on the brain.

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foxfff123123 says:

It is actually a completely false fact that consuming cannabis leads to schizophrenia. Despite the increase of marijuana consumption in the past 50 years, the rates of schizophrenia remained fairly steady meaning there is no direct correlation between the consumption of cannabis and its development.

Nic Dodds says:

In this video, 30 minutes of google research. 20% of what this guy said is wrong like weed causing short term brain damage, cannabidiol counter acting thc, and thc being smoked and now starting to be increasingly eaten (humans have been eating/medicating with it since civilization).

Ian James says:

legalise the herb meehn

Tim Sherwood says:

Greg – Continue to stay away from cannabis! This attempt to bring an educated understanding of cannabis is making you schizophrenic…

Strive Simme says:

Some facts were wrong like for example that weed smoke is as dangerous as tobacco smoke for your lungs, its less dangerous if not laced with something (which wouldnt be a problem if legal)

Otherwise good vid

Leo Stoddart says:

Bad for you, good for you , a don't care I will toke till I die

EtheralDreamer says:

As dangerous as tobacco? lol *citation needed

TheCoolStuffHD says:

Who give anyone the right to tell you that possessing a flower is illegal?
What's the difference between growing mint to eat its leaves for stomach upsets, vs. growing marijuana for its flower and using it for pain relief.
One flower you can have and be called a gardener vs. one flower you can have that makes you a druggie and lands you in jail….
Stupid if you ask me.

Bob “Fitzgerald” Corning says:

Actually, tobacco is not unhealthy. What you do not hear too much, is the fact that cigarettes have ~70 chemicals, that once combined, mix into 6000+ different chemical compositions, including formaldehyde, and variations thereof.

Alexander of Babylon says:

thc ftw!

Bertie Wooster says:

Been using it for decades.

These days, I like to smoke some before I follow a refresher course online in Abstract Algebra and QM, QED and QCD. Makes me absorb the math and physics much easier.

friendly911 OS says:

this is an anti pot video.

Miguel Perez says:

needs more research

Christophe L says:

You were doing so good up until the Skunk bit.

Dan Heron says:

It is not just as bad at tobacco smoke the is such a stupid comment.

TheGoodGamer says:

It's like alcohol. If we found out about it now we wouldn't accept it. So idno

crystal sluka says:

vote yes. im very ill and now my knees are unlocking and moving. i lost 35 pounds and pain reduce by 95%😂 omg i feel amazing and now i look great.

revmpandora says:

This video is rife with statements that are: incomplete, unsubstantiated, outdated, misrepresentative and some are flat out wrong. VERY disappointing, BBC Brit, very.

David Devine says:

To me, drugs should be compared against existing legal drugs (for both addictiveness and harm) and if less than both, they should be legalized; sauce for the goose, as they say.

nigel schmenk says:

This video is obviously trying to provide facts from research but the studies preformed were by the government because of it being illegal. The government most likely faked some results in order to keep the war on drugs going on to make them money.

Gizmo Thewytchdoktor says:


Yessica BunburyBurton says:

I was pretty sure this video was gonna be made by The Van Tulleken u.u as Chris has already talked about the topic… Greetings from Mexico!

matt says:

legalize for medical reasons makes the most sense…but we need to atleast open a dialogue about it scientifically and an understanding instead of stereo types and "reefer madness"….. and this is the best attempt on a public basis I've seen yet.

Balázs Suhajda says:

If we took a scientific approach to which drugs were legal or illegal based on health and social risks, weed would definitely trump alcohol… but sadly that's not the kind of world we live in.

Greencoast says:

Sorry but after watching this video it's apparent that you're not quite qualified to be talking about the subject. You've done your viewers a disservice with this video.

whmozart says:

So if you get prescribed medical marihuana, do you smoke it? Eat it? is it a pill? An oil? hmm?
I've always wondered about that.

Kining Roseburg says:

eeeewwwwwwwww!!! Jazz!? spit

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