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Weed – The Truth About Marijuana – Cannabis Documentary – HistoryTV

Cannabis, likewise referred to as cannabis and also by many various other names, is a planning of the Marijuana plant planned for usage as a psychedelic drug or medication. The primary psychedelic part of cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC); it is one of 483 well-known compounds in the plant, consisting of at least 84 other cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol (CBN), and also tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV).

Marijuana is frequently taken in for its psychological and physical effects, such as heightened state of mind, leisure, and also an increase in hunger. Possible side-effects consist of a decrease in short-term memory, completely dry mouth, damaged electric motor abilities, red eyes, and also feelings of fear or anxiousness. Beginning of results is within minutes when smoked and regarding HALF AN HOUR when consumed. They last for between two and six hours.

Marijuana is mostly utilized recreationally or as a medicinal drug. It may additionally be made use of as part of spiritual or spiritual rites. In 2013, in between 128 and 232 million people used marijuana (2.7 % to 4.9 % of the international population in between the ages of 15 and 65). In 2015, regarding fifty percent of individuals in the Usa have attempted marijuana, 12 % have actually utilized it in the past year, and also 7.3 % have actually used it in the past month. Use has actually boosted given that 2013.

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ThePwndering says:

I got 7 minutes in while im eating, and its just so hard to hold back my tears for this child…

baddawg Kowalski says:

how can I buy these seeds

baddawg Kowalski says:

Can you get seed that produce this drug in higher doses then THC?

José Carvalhi says:

"you dream, you fly"

wise words from a wise old man :')


Those kids in the beginning grew up with some tweakin ass parents 😂😂😂

skulltula says:

Man pot has been a godsend for me. I've had social anxiety my entire life, and had frequent panic attacks. Since I've started smoking pot, my panic attacks are gone, I'm getting good grades in school, and have significantly reduced anxiety in social situations. Pot is working far better than ativan, xanax, and prozac ever did.

Trilce says:

Marijuana is the only thing that makes me believe there is a god, that it was put here to help us.

Trilce says:

You lying sack of shit! you don't mention how it was basically outlawed because people behind the logging industry were trying to eliminate the competition, and they paid off journalists to lie and put forth false reports. you also don't mention that the tests used to establish the harmful effect of marijuana were bullshit, for example strapping a gas mask onto a monkey and pumping them with nothing but marijuana until something bad happened to them.

callmemud please says:

something like 80% of people in rehabilitation programs are there because of cannabis. what people don't normally tell you is that 99% of those people were given the choice between jail or a program. inhaling a smoke of any kind is unhealthy. there's no evidence that using a vaporizer or eating cannabis will cause negative health effects. there's stronger evidence of it's benefits, even for a healthy person. and it kind of bugged me when they said "marijuana,also known as cannabis" cannabis is the scientific term. marijuana is a mexican slang term no more valid that happy grass.

dubstep dan says:

all this is a lie for god fucking sake

Keshia K says:

The truth about Marijuana is that I LOVE it ❤ ❤ that's the truth lol

the one 1993 k says:

asking a person that juat had cancer …so ur not conncered about the harmeful affects about weed ummmm really this dude has just lived thru cancer u dumb fucking reporter guy ultamate face plam

Bro MoD says:

if you're sick and you have to take weed cause it will improve your quality of life …ok … but everyone healthy shouldn't consume more then once a week maximum…

Bro MoD says:

it's funny how people talk down the bad sites of weed… everyone says weed is good for you… but its not… I know many people smoking weed and almost every one of them looks like puke… not like meth heroin or alcoholics but not healthy…

DiGiTaL FaKiE says:

this makes me want to cry……..

WINDEX says:

weed > every other drug

goobs says:

If the God fearing U.S government says weed is the devils drug, THEN I BELIEVE ITS BAD!!!

just kidding fk those useless lying cunts in suits lets spark up boyzzz

githu c alias says:

i see that driving under weed is dangerous….. i dont think thats true….. coz i know person that smoke weed what he said is. it will make us think more thoroughly that if ur making a right action after all…… i dont know maybe it true…. coz idont smoke weed

Anyssa Baker says:


Bruce Wayne says:

Damn ninjas chopping onions in my room again!

robert “ghettostone” ghettostone420 says:

If that was my future daughter having seizures all day and night I would smoke weed with her all day n night

Baconing Time says:

The NIDA says Cigarettes is the leading preventable cause of disease, disability, and death in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cigarette smoking results in more than 480,000 premature deaths in the United States each year—about 1 in every 5 U.S. deaths—and an additional 16 million people suffer with a serious illness caused by smoking. In fact, for every one person who dies from smoking, about 30 more suffer from at least one serious tobacco-related illness.

louisC lexvi says:

CNN should make a documentary about tobacco in the same approach from this documentary. marijuana is nothing but misunderstood. medicines we use everyday are synthetics derived from plants. This document is fear inducing . Apart from that statement, i say to the my fellow earthlings who were unlucky enough to lose their selves in the spiritual quality of cannabis I hope you have recovered your souls. medicines are helping hands of our human concepts. to my future and to ours.

Dunkin says:

3:45 ignore the organic medicine that works right

Li Ha says:

Be careful, This is a dirty business. The marijuana user become stupid and loose their identity. It is a brain destroyer. Don't get involved with this junk. It is not medicine. It has very harmful side effects.


Thats funny!

Jonathan Bennett says:

Question:What does weed do to you answer : gets me fucking high bitch

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