Online Wholesale Cannabis Marketplace – The Amazon Of The Marijuana Industry

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Tradiv – Online Wholesale Marketplace For Cannabis

Tradiv’s online marketplace for wholesale marijuana connects growers and retailers on a transparent platform, replacing the industry’s gray-market pot brokers and backroom deals.



Tradiv is redefining the cannabis industries B2B ecosystem through innovative technology that helps streamline and simplify canna-business.

As the cannabis industry becomes increasingly prevalent, the creation of new wealth will emerge alongside it.

At Tradiv and as leaders in this disruptive industry, we feel compelled to set a precedent of environmental activism and compassion, and want to capitalize on the unique opportunity to leverage our success for the betterment of our world.

“Tradiv is a refreshing development in the Cannabis industry. I believe It’s the most user friendly, interactive direct sales website on the market at the moment. We appreciate Tradiv for what it is able to bring to our business, and would recommend it to either side of the wholesale market.” – Nichole West, Sweet Leaf CO

Join Tradiv and get connected with cannabis entrepreneurs who are just as dedicated, passionate and obsessed with quality as you are…


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