Meet Canada’s Massive Medical Marijuana Company

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Tweed is Canada’s largest medical cannabis producer, providing medicine for roughly 20 percent of the country’s registered pot patients.

The company recently converted an old Hershey’s chocolate factory into a massive marijuana growing facility for its 125 employees.

Tweed is currently working with multiple Cannabis Cup winners DNA Genetics to provide Canadians with the highest quality medical marijuana.

Join HIGH TIMES on a tour of Tweed’s gigantic ganja growrooms.


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Craig Willoughby says:

Lol what a joke. they're being allowed to literally purchase a monopoly over the market. how in the world are medical activists supposed to have their say when licensed producers are getting evaluations of over $880 million? MMPR is a joke ACMPR is a joke.

Steeve Beraud says:

bonjour a vous c est possible de venir travaille oh canada dans votre culture ?

Beginner GrowsXL says:

Weedy wonka

River lee says:

Ok I ordered my Tweed Tshirt & the carrying bag I didn't see the key chains on workers necks would love one when I order. Thanks 👍🏻

River lee says:

I'm glad I got my licence today and Tweed was my only choice! I'm also from Ontario thank you for info, learning about what strains will be best for me. I appreciate these tweed updates.

geovs20 says:

NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!! Every time I see this I'm going to scream BULLSHIT! Where were the corporations when we were held in oppression? Where were the corporations when we said please support us Marijuana is a health benefit, not until after all the blood shed lives stolen, and we have found a clear road to reform, NOW they want to be supporters, now they want to help, YOUR 40yrs late you pos smell money and look, look at this, and on high times at that!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO NO NO!

YourCannabisQueen Flyhempstar says:

Huge grow facility, I wonder where it leads when you follow the $$

Landon Thomas says:

how much oxygen does a weed plant produce compared to an average plant of the same size and PH?

T'Town Tim says:

Tweed sucks!!!…there flower looks like they harvest the trichomes off if and then sell it anyway..low grade crap!!

TheDrouyn says:

Twees is big money crap. They want monopoly on supply and to wipe out home growers and mom and pop businesses. Fuck these guys.

Henry Stone says:

Don't talk much, just sell good weed. hit me (424) 242-9720

Afghan Kush
Lemon drop
Purple Kush
OG Kush
Blue dream
Green Crack
Sour Diesel lf
White Window

In stock. Cheers.

luney3232 says:

Fuck that grow your own mofos save your money don't be a dummy

thatdanktho says:

EVERYBODY GO CHECK OUT;aboutdatchronik on YouTube

Amberlovesitforu Review's says:

all about the money not the patients

Amberlovesitforu Review's says:

check out headinthecloudsgenetics for the newest bean strain souvenirs on instagram and facebook like danny og 501lime

Bob Hope says:

MARIJUANA is a BIG crime here in DENMARK.

Caleb Mcneil says:

This cameraman is garbage.

GrapeFarmer420 says:

Garbage weed fuck big pharma GROW YOUR OWN

Masaharu Morimoto says:

Horticulture Technician student here… can't wait to follow my dreams!!

TWTeeo says:

I would hide somewhere in there. And get baked 24/7

D. Truth Raven says:

POISON!!!!!!!! if you DID NOT grow it DO NOT Trust these fkn LIZARDS….

Team Spyderco says:

Fuck those monopoly companies with there gmo bs.


this is how its done right and tight.

DrAutoflower Medical Cannabis Adventures says:


2strokeKX250 says:

fuck high times and tweed a greedy non organic bullshit money hungry garbage grow practices and garbage weed ,cannabis is grown with love not greed



Cheech M says:

Fuck tweed corporate bullshit trying to monopolize the market with bunkness

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