Medical Marijuana For Chronic Pain

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“The beginning really got me because I wake up like that in the middle of the night with my extreme endometriosis and I just wanted to die. Being called a drug seeker at hospitals and regular doctor appointments. I finally had enough and got my medical cannabis card in Michigan and now I see a major difference, I have been on cannabis for 5 months and now I’m more active and no more pain, sometimes once but I smoke or eat and edible and feel better. Trust me it works, no more doctors unless…”

“I have fibromyalgia and weed has been the only thing that actually works for the pain. Fibromyalgia is a complex chronic pain disorder that causes widespread pain and tenderness to touch that may occur body wide or migrate over the body. Symptoms include, Chronic muscle pain, muscle spasms, or tightness, Moderate or severe fatigue and decreased energy, Insomnia or waking up feeling just as tired as when you went to sleep, Stiffness upon waking or after staying…”


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