Cannabis Harvest Time-Lapse!!! Bubba Kush & Green Crack

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Music by:
Song: Actionable

Time Lapse:
Music by Chillhop:

Album: Warmer Winds
by: Bonus Points
Songs: (order of appearance)

(00:55) “Late Night Stroll”
(03:30) “Sangria Sunset”
(05:50) “Rooftop Reservations”
(08:00) “Pizza and Video Games”
(10:32) “Shaken, Not Stirred”

Download Digital Album:

Music by:
Song: Ecstatic Wave


jacob hall says:

Can someone help me I got a 150x150x200 tent and 600 watt cfl and I can't drop the heat from around 31c (84f?) in my tent I have fan sucking hot air at the top and fan on The bottom but notning is working

Jonny Rivera says:

Sooo fuckin dope

iiCbOz says:

First video here on your channel already lovin the vibe keep it up

Josh Lujan says:

Please clean ur bong water respect the flower

VapoR Clan says:

Lol think the police found him hasn't uploaded

cool budz says:

pots on the couch?? look at the bong waTter:(

Du Hurensohn says:

Is the row what i think rigt?
1. Cut the Main Leafs
2. Cut The Stain and remove the small leavs
3. remove the buds from the stain?

Brandon Gutierrez says:

are these auto? they seem kind of small.

Gustavo Kallas says:

hit the road jack

Schnick says:

this video is so fucking relaxing :D

Aussie Wacka Hacker says:

Is that even legal where he is? I'm from Australia and it's super weird so see someone smoking weed

TheTunaMaster says:

not much of a harvest

DerPsycho says:

Do they smell very hard?

moonflower741 says:

Hello, I am here to ask for anyone to read my story of abuse, struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and how Cannabis changed my life for the better. It is on my gofundme page. I am not expectiong everyone to help me because I know we all have our own struggles but I am asking that you read my story and share my gofundme link on any social media you can. Thank you if you took the time to read this.

blue cow says:

how did you get your plants so small, i need to know

shawnio says:

you look like such a fuckin idiot man

KurtleTheTurtle says:

in my opinion that harvest method kills the aroma, and flavor…

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